<span>DIGESTIVE ENZYMES</span> Perfect Digest +
<span>DIGESTIVE ENZYMES</span> Perfect Digest +
<span>DIGESTIVE ENZYMES</span> Perfect Digest +


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  • The most complete digestive enzyme available, including:
  • Lipase and bile to digest fats
  • Protease, pepsin and HCL to digest proteins
  • Amylase and invertase to digest sugars and starches
  • Lactase to digest milk sugar
  • Glucomylase to help digest gluten
  • All natural, no artificial colors or flavors


This is the most complete digestive enzyme I’ve ever seen hands down. Having a healthy digestion is crucial for weight loss. If you do not have a healthy digestion, It can cause inflammation and the inflammatory hormones can causes you to gain weight.

Digestive enzymes are proteins that help you break the food up into smaller pieces and aid in digestion....

Typically digestive enzymes contain:

  • Amalase, for digesting carbohydrates
  • Protease for digesting proteins
  • Lipase for digesting fats

But this digestive enzyme also contains the following:

HCL and pepsin for optimal protein absorption – As we age our stomach produces less and less HCL or stomach acid and this can cause serious issues when trying to digest proteins.

Bile for optimal absorption of fats

Invertase to further help digest sugars

Lactase – to digest milk sugar – One of the reasons why dairy can also be inflammatory is we can't digest lactose or milk sugar.   Lactase is the enzyme that helps breakdown lactose.

Glucomylase – to digest gluten – One of the reasons why gluten causes so many problems is we can't digest it well and it causes inflammation. This digestive enzyme also helps digest gluten.

Natural Enzymes Can Improve Your Digestion & Increase Your Assimilation of Nutrients...

Why Digestive Enzymes Might be Helpful for You?

Enzymes are protein molecules in the body and can be thought of as the "worker bees" in charge of everything from food digestion and assimilation to healing and repair.

Digestive enzymes, protease, amylase, and lipase in particular, are the 3 enzymes needed to break down protein, carbs, and fats respectively.


Don't You Get Enzymes from Food Anyway?

Digestive enzymes (any many other enzymes) are abundant in live, uncooked foods, but with our modern diets that include mostly cooked foods, many people lack essential digestive enzymes to break down and assimilate their foods.

Your body can make digestive enzymes, but it's believed that your body's ability to do so is limited, and it almost certainly puts undue stress on your digestive system, simply by eating.


Is this Why You Always Recommend Live Foods?

There are a number of reasons why live, uncooked vegetables and fruits are so important, but yes, living enzymes is a huge factor. Unfortunately, very few people I know are able to eat fresh produce all the time, and for those who are recovering from years of bad eating habits, digestive enzymes can make a huge difference.


How Do You Take Them?

I recommend you take 2 capsules with your bigger meals of the day. It's not required that you take them every day, and if you're eating a big salad, you might skip taking them. Whenever you're eating a meal high in protein or fat, particularly if it's cooked, digestive enzymes can be a huge help.


Do I Have to Take this For the Rest of My Life?

No, not at all. When I was first starting my healing journey, I used digestive enzymes every day, and they made a huge difference in healing my body. Now, I use them as needed, for example, if I'm traveling and am eating more cooked foods than normal.


Is Enzyme-Deficiency Related to Nutritional Starvation?

Yes, I often talk about how it's possible to be overweight and "starving" for nutrients at the same time. In most cases, that is directly related to your digestive health. If your body lacks the essential enzymes needed for digestion, it's possible to be overeating and still starving—which is a vicious cycle leading to more and more food cravings.

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